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The Society was established in 1979 by ten founder members under the Chairmanship of Norman Hoad, a notable equestrian and aviation artist.

Other members were John L Baker, Neil Cawthorne, Tom Coates,  Gillian Hoare, John King, L J Morris, Raoul Millias, Frank Wootton and the President Terence Cuneo.

Today membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the Society through joining as a Friend. Friends who are artists may apply to be considered for promotion to Associate Members (ASEA), who in turn may become Full Members (SEA) by exhibiting their work with the Society over a number of years.

Founder members, or those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Society may be promoted to Honorary Full Member (HSEA).

Many of our 300+ members are based overseas. Our painters, sculptors and printmakers represent the best in equestrian art across the UK and beyond.

The SEA have been fortunate to have had many accomplished and renowned artists within its membership. We are committed to working hard for our membership by promoting their work through exhibitions and social media. Part of our brief as a charity is education and to this end we provide workshops up and down the country where our accomplished Full Members impart of their knowledge and skill.

Who are we

SEA stands for Society of Equestrian Artists. Although we have several things in common with art galleries and museums we also have a wider role. The SEA encourages the practice, understanding and appreciation of equestrian fine art. Education is at the heart of our brief and we encourage our Full Members whenever possible, to share their knowledge with those who wish to learn.

We are Artist led which means that practising artists run the society as it was when first set up by a group of accomplished equestrian artists over 40 years ago.

Our members have many different techniques and styles but they all share a passion for ‘the horse’ and for art.

We don’t receive funding from charities or local authorities and so we’re reliant upon the support of our members, visitors and friends to continue our work. Learn how you can support us….


We have 8 Trustees who oversee the financial running of the SEA and shape the society. We are always looking to the future and how we can sustain and develop this unique organisation. The trustees organise our exhibitions, workshops and events as well as looking after our website, archive, membership and funds.

It’s a challenging and busy business but one that is very close to our hearts. We rely on volunteers from amongst our membership to get involved and take on interesting projects to further our aims.

If you are an SEA member and would like to become more involved please get in touch. It’s a wonderful way to get to know fellow artists from many disciplines.


Our trustees take responsibility for the following roles :

Jane Braithwaite SEA

Acting Chair/Trustee/Social Media

Rebecca De Mendonca ASEA

Trustee/Newsletter/Social Media

Siân Wynn SEA

Trustee/Social Media


How it all started.

In the late 70s L. John Morris had the brainwave to start a society to project and promote equestrian art. With the help of founder members, including such notable artists as Terence Cuneo, Tom Coates, Neil Cawthorne and Norman Hoad, the SEA was born.

The society was established under the chairmanship of Norman Hoad, a notable equestrian and aviation artist. The aim was to encourage the study of equine art and to promote a standard of excellence. Forty years on the main objectives of the society are the same – to arrange exhibitions of member’s work and to organise training sessions and discussions to attain the highest standards of artistic competence.

We are proud to say that over the years many famous equestrian artists have been members including such names as Raoul Millias, John King, Ninetta Buttersorth, Jonathon Trowell, Franco Mantania, Frank Wootton and the author Stella Walker. These members are no longer with us and are sadly missed. Ninetta’s work remains with us as she designed the SEA logo.

Since 1979 the society has held an Annual Exhibition at a variety of locations in London, Newmarket and more recently The Museum of the Horse in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. These exhibitions showcase the best in equestrian art from the UK, Ireland and as far afield as the USA and Australia. Current work is available to purchase either at our exhibitions or through the society’s website.

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