Julie Barrett

Deciding against going to Art School, Julie was a draughtswoman (pre digitalisation!)  Married with two sons, she then ran a soft furnishings business which fitted around a busy family life, with ponies, Pony Club, and Hunting.

Now retired with a rekindled interest in Art, and having some success with Animal Portraits, Julie discovered The Society of Equestrian Artists through a Workshop at Dedham, and the Annual Painting Holiday, which lead to a proud moment, of being accepted into their Exhibitions at Sally Mitchell’s Gallery, and at Newmarket, now she is very pleased to play a small part in the Society.

The late Mary Browning was a great inspiration, watching her honing her skills with lightening quick pastels of terriers.  Julie was never short of inspiration, born at The High Peak Kennels, and living at the Grafton, Avon Vale and Bicester Hunt Kennels, Julie’s childhood was spent with horses, hounds, ponies and pet terriers.


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