Promotion Procedures

Promotion from Friend to Associate Member (published on web Feb2019)

1. Promotion from Friend to Associate is through a promotion panel. We expect you to have an exhibiting record and to have had work selected for the Horse in Art exhibition. Please fill in the application form. (click for  SEA AssociateApplicationForm word file) . Please then send it to Debbie Dunbar SEA Pengwern Ganol, Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, SA38 9RL  with a cheque for the administration charge of £25 and forward digital images to:  (Administration charge may also be paid via Paypal on the membership payments page).

2. There will be two promotion panels each year and you will be asked to bring five of your images submitted to a location to be communicated to you by the Promotions Secretary.

3. Please wait for a confirmation certificate from the Society to ensure you are entitled to use ASEA after your name.

Promotion from Associate to Full Member (published on web Feb 2019)
  • Those members of the Society whose work demonstrates an outstanding level of artistic achievement may be elected Full Members of the Society. In judging candidates full account will be taken of their performance and reputation beyond the Society.
  • In order that their work may be judged by Full Members the candidates must have at least two works accepted for the main annual exhibition in two years of a three year period.
  • The candidate will then complete an application form signed by the sponsors which aims to take into account the work done by the artists outside the Society, their record and their reputation. This will be coordinated by the Promotions Secretary and panel, who, if satisfied with their candidacy, will then invite them to put forward a portfolio for consideration at the AGM.
  • The portfolio at the Annual General Meeting will be assessed by those Full Members who are present and a 66% YES vote will be required to determine promotion. A minimum of ten Full members present is the target.

If successful, those elected will receive a certificate and be entitled to use SEA after their name.

NB: For a Friend or Associate to have their exhibition record count towards promotion, they must have paid all their subscriptions in full for the qualifying period.

PORTFOLIOS (Associate Member to Full Member)
  • Portfolios will be assessed at the Annual General Meeting by those Full members present and a 66% YES vote is required to determine promotion.
  • Although there is no requirement to submit working drawings, Promotion Panels do find these helpful and those seeking promotion are encouraged to submit such drawings, if made.
  • There should be three or four completed paintings, which need not necessarily be framed.
  • Works should have been completed during the last two years and not have been included in the Society’s Exhibitions.
  • There should be a minimum of three pieces of finished work together with one or two maquettes.
  • Sculpture should have been completed within the last three years and not to have been included in the Society’s Exhibitions.

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