Artists, and those wishing to support the charity, are warmly welcomed to Join the Society as Friends.

Supporters may also enquire about sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

The Society warmly welcomes new members joining initially as Friends, who may be artists or non artists. Friend Members enjoy all benefits of membership, including the opportunity to submit work for exhibitions organised by the Society. Traditionally these exhibitions contain a significant proportion of work by Friends, but it should be noted that all work shown at these exhibitions is subject to selection by a panel of judges, regardless of membership level.

As a member you will receive several benefits, including the opportunity to submit work at the prestigious Annual Exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists – Horse in Art, in which prizes are awarded each year for outstanding work in various categories.

Other benefits include being kept up to date with the Society’s news and events (by email or print year), the opportunity to participate in local workshops/discussion groups (at discounted rates) together with the opportunity to showcase work on this website, with links to your own site. We also have a lively facebook page that keeps you up to date with upcoming events and you are welcome to follow us on Instagram.

There is naturally an expectation that members will endeavour to uphold the good name and standing of the Society and support its objectives. As the Society depends upon voluntary help with the organisation and running of exhibitions, as well as the administration/management, it is hoped that members who are able to do so will, from time to time, offer support with these tasks.

Friends (UK): £30

Juniors (under 18s, UK): £12

Overseas all levels and non-exhibiting Full Members: £30

How to join and Membership Enquiries…

  • If you have any questions about membership please contact Debbie Dunbar, the Administrator  (details also available on the Contact Us page).
  • Download a membership form  (see below, which has on it the instructions for completion (postal applications only – see form and Constitution for full details).
  • Initial entry into the Society is as a Friend (see Constitution para 7.iv). Anyone may join, there is no artistic assessment required at this level.
  • Promotion to Associate  and then Full Member is based on artistic merit, and requires a period of acceptance of works for the Annual Exhibition, and a review by a panel of Full Members.
  • Artists who were previously promoted to Associate or Full Membership and who wish to rejoin the Society may do so at their previous membership level, on payment of the appropriate subscription plus £10 rejoining fee on the first occasion. If membership has lapsed more than once they must pay two full years of subscriptions as the rejoining fee, plus the subscription for the forthcoming year
  • Full Members who no longer wish to exhibit but wish to retain an interest with the Society may renew at the reduced rate of £30.

Click below for a membership form, which includes instructions for completion (updated May 2018).

 Membership Application Form