Yaheya Pasha


Yaheya Pasha

Horses have been part of Yaheya’s Indian family background for generations. Her grandfather was a keen horseman and polo player whilst her father and mother both grew up with horses.​

Yaheya has been passionate about drawing and colour since childhood which led to her studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design from where she graduated with a (BA Hons) degree.

Yaheya loves to watch horses especially when they are free, having fun and also enjoys meeting clients who share a close bond with their horses. This is reflected in the mood and movement of the horse and that is when the magic happens for her. In their effervescent movements, as their bodies catch the light interspersed with shadows, Yaheya sees dazzling colours.

Her style is very definitely expressionistic but one is also reminded of Fauvism in her choice and application of colour, influenced by Mikhail Vrubel, Edmund Dulac, and her love of manga anime.

Yaheya explains she is on an adventurous journey where each new work presents challenges and rewards paving the way to new and exciting ideas to draw and paint.

To see more of Yaheya’s work visit her website www.equestrianart.online or email ypasha@hotmail.co.uk.

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