Shaun Burgess


Shaun Burgess is a contemporary British oil painting artist living in Suffolk, England with his wife and three children.

Shaun aims to capture the viewer’s attention first and foremost. To do this he uses colour, light, movement, and atmosphere. He describes his style as ever evolving disrupted realism, this enables him to push past his natural inclination towards perfectionism and into something much more individual.

We see realism mixed with swatches of colour and broken edges giving a unique style which has led to an ever-growing list of collectors.

Although best known for his horse paintings, Shaun covers a wide range of subject matter from beautifully vibrant animal paintings to portraiture and figurative work.

His works are sold via bricks and mortar galleries, online galleries, and both solo and group exhibitions.

Recognition has led to pieces being shipped worldwide.

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Instagram: @burgessartwork

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