Nicola Kevane


Nicola Kevane

My name is Nicola Kevane, I paint in acrylics, oil and ink, creating original paintings detailing the form and  movement of equestrian themes, local wildlife and farm animals.

I am interested in painting wildlife and animals that have a job, and their partnership with their owner.  Wildlife, working and competition animals are fit and consequently their form is defined by their muscles and athleticism.

Originally, I painted furniture with country sporting scenes, taking inspiration from old prints.  I think the study of old pictures (old art sale catalogues are invaluable!) has given me a good grounding to progress to my own paintings today.

I work in mixed media, and use a muted and neutral background to complement the subject.

I am always on the lookout for ideas when I am out in the countryside in North Yorkshire.  My family just think I spend most of the time daydreaming …

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