Neesha Khan


Neesha Khan 

Neesha Khan is a Visual Artist with a childhood of self-taught artistic skills and has learnt Fine Art techniques.
The serenity and calmness that horses naturally bring are brought to paper by using dramatic charcoal techniques to create effects by capturing the stillness of movement and energy of horses in her distinct use of colour to give that calming feeling. Neesha likes to now paint horses as she used to paint in her childhood years for the love of riding and painting these fascinating, affectionate, kind, inquisitive and spiritually healing creatures. Bringing them to life in her home from images she has taken herself or sourced for, exploring painting horses which bring a sense of calmness and nobility in their character and are soothing to the mind to work on in the Baroque style of charcoal drawing.
Neesha is an ambitious woman so is completing the BHS horsemanship qualifications. This has given her something to strive towards and achieve in a mainly white dominated industry where all globally share the love of horses and the need for spiritual healing by horses. She hopes to make a difference by her Equestrian career and Equine Artwork.
You can find out more about Neesha Khan’s artistic journey on her Visual Artist website and Instagram page with Still Life, Portraits and Charcoal drawings as well as more Equine Art.

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