Michael Nowakowski


Born in 1967, member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.
He has been painting professionally since 1992. Mainly oil and acrylic paintings, drawing techniques
ink, pencil, digital art.

Author of numerous illustrations for books and short stories.

Main interests are equestrian and animal painting, landscape and colours of nature.

Author of several individual exhibitions. Finalist of the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition
organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation during which the paintings were exhibited at
the Mall Galleries, London.

Michael’s works are in private collections in Great Britain, the United States, Germany and Africa.

Combining passions for creative work and nature, Michael hopes that his works will leave in the
memory of the recipient what is fleeting and hard to capture in any other way. His works also try to
bring the viewer closer to what is very difficult to expose by other means, for example in
photography, and what usually delights us and attracts our attention.

Michael currently resides in the southern region of Poland, surrounded by beautiful fields and

email: michaelswildart@gmail.com



Instagram: michaelengraver

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