Leila Barton


Leila Barton’s equestrian paintings are defined by vibrant colour and expressive brushstrokes. She wants to capture the majestic beauty and power of racehorses; the colourful, patterned silks of the jockeys; the thrill of a horserace; the mischievous yet gentle nature of a horse at rest; the unique landscape of racecourses. She is fascinated by the passion of the equestrian world! Leila draws inspiration from race days, racecourses, training yards, stud yards and the Jockey Club Rooms.

In her late 20s Leila studied her Master of Fine Art at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art (MFA) and her Bachelor of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. This was after a career in publishing at the Condé Nast Publications, and a Joint BA in History of Art and English at the University of Nottingham. She has been a full-time artist ever since, along with being a mother to her three children.

Leila lives in Surrey with her husband, children & dog Alfie.

Fine Art Oil Painting
07961 445 025

Email: leila@leilabarton.com

Website: www.leilabarton.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/leilabartonartist

Facebook: www.facebook.com/leilabarton.artist

Threads: www.threads.net/@leilabartonartist

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/leila-barton-96a0436a

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