Julie Longdon


Julie is a professional artist who has been painting animals for most of her life.  Working mainly in pastel, but on occasions in oil, acrylic and coloured pencil, her art is about capturing a moment. She believes that what captures our imagination  – a certain look in the eyes, a fleeting emotion, a powerful or graceful pose or a play of light on a fit, muscled frame – is what leads us to see it’s beauty.  Julie’s style generally favours portraiture as it brings into sharp focus the details – the lay of the fur with it’s myriad colours, the beautiful glassy patterns in the eyes or the velvety softness of a muzzle.  Julie has always loved horses and has owned a Welsh X palomino mare and a thoroughbred ex-racehorse – a dream come true!  Now she is content to paint them from her studio in Fareham, Hampshire.

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