Julia Prior


email:Juliapriorart@aol.com – web:www.cuttinggallery.co.uk

Julia undertakes drawings, prints, sculptures of horses, dogs and other domestic and wild animals, and accepts 2D & 3D Commissions. Her personal statement is below:

“I have always been fascinated by animals, admire their strength, grace and agility and I like to try and capture their different characters in my work.

“I have a particular love for horses which has been with me since early childhood. Years of watching, riding and drawing them has given me a good understanding of their behaviour and the way they move.

“While at college I worked at Bristol Zoo, drawing the animals there, big cats, gibbons and my favourites the gorillas (one of my degree pieces was a life-size concrete silverback). I continue to study a whole range of animals through books, videos, TV documentaries and observation from life.

“My artistic influences include cave paintings, Edgar Degas and Elizabeth Frink.

“Whatever the animal I do my best to capture it’s characteristics whilst avoiding any sense of sentimentality”

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