Joanne Cope


I am a New Zealand born modern realist painter, living and painting in Bath, UK. I am best known for my striking paintings of horses and cattle.

My choice of subject matter is rooted in my upbringing in rural New Zealand. Our extended family included an Aunt with a dry stock farm and an Uncle working for the Department of Conservation. We grew up surrounded by livestock. We would spend most of our summer holidays working on the farm: riding horses, feeding pigs, milking cows and helping in the sheep-shearing shed. As kids we rode bareback as often as possible.

I have been painting horses, cattle and other animals for nearly two decades. Using depth of field and dramatic lighting, I aim to create striking paintings which draw the viewer in. Working in oils with a muted palette, I carefully render texture, form, detail and light. There is a sense of stillness and quietude in my work.

Commissions undertaken.


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