Jessica Hills


Jessica Hills is a painter living and working in Linkenholt, Hampshire. Her versatility in the oil painting medium allows her to explore a wide variety of subjects including social, racing and military scenes, landscapes, homes and gardens, wildlife, botanicals and her unique ‘roomscapes’. She studied Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths and has since added to her studies at the London Fine Art Studios and Sarum Studio in Salisbury.

Jess prepares her own wood panels, sanding and adding layers of gesso and an underpainting in burnt sienna to give a luminosity to each painting. She then works wet into wet and employs glazing so that each area of the painting holds interest as well as the overall scene.

Recent projects include an 8 foot long commission featuring 86 horses for The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery to commemorate their role in the coronation of King Charles III, and a horse racing themed exhibition with Osborne Studio Gallery in London’s Belgravia.

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