Jeanette Faulkner Clarke


The horse, indeed a paradox! A willing honest servant, noble and brave, wild and unpredictable, neurotic and fearful. Such is the spirit of the horse. A flight animal by nature, it is incredible how they have served humanity. In battle, work and play, infact, have been instrumental in our progress; they deserve our gratitude. Little wonder then that I choose horses as my main topic to paint. I mainly use watercolour as I think the serendipitous nature of this medium suits the many characters of the horse. I occasionally do work in oils and acrylic. Really I use whatever I think suits the overall character. I graduated with a degree in fine art and history of art at the Cheltenham school of Art at Gloucester University in 2008. I have exhibited my portraits at the RBSA gallery in Birmingham and have had exhibitions in other galleries around the country. I have also donated my paintings and cards to charities. The Greatwood charity in Marlborough, the Hope charity, Blue cross and The injured rider’s fund. I was delighted to win the front page cover for the SAA art magazine winter edition with my painting of a leaping fox. As well as selling and doing commissions, mainly dogs and horses, I am very happy to donate more to charitable causes. My work can be seen at

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