Jackie Hardman


I never set out to be an artist: I was going to be a writer. I had no interest in painting or drawing whatsoever, although I would daydream of horses and sketch them in my school books all the time. Even when I was married and working as a secretary the same drawings appeared on scraps of paper as I dreamed of a time when I could work with horses.
It was not until I was nearly fifty that I took up art: I loved it and was hooked from the first lesson. However, it is only in the last two years that I have turned my attention to horses (and hounds). We moved to live close to the racecourse and I became fascinated with the colour, excitement, energy and power of the racehorses.
I also started to go the the local meet with my camera and fell in love with the hounds.
I started to take commissions for both racehorses, hunters and hounds and found it challenging but very satisfying. For me, the moment the client sees the portrait is one of apprehension(what if they don’t like it?) but then great joy as they recognize their friend.



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