Francis Hayes


” I live within the dramatic landscape of Stirlingshire in central Scotland where, as an occasional helping hand for equestrian friends, I’ve been blessed with meandering freely on horseback. These days I tackle horses visually rather than physically. Horses have always held a fascination for me. Their impressive power, their elegance, their calming effect, and their wild storminess. They can be the physical expression of emotions, right across the spectrum. Animals that have the force to knock us aside on a whim, also trust us and rely upon us. They are a formidable and yet can display a tender grace in their form. Trying to capture something of them on paper is a trial and a pleasure.


I have no formal art qualifications but returned to my childhood joy of drawing and painting around a decade ago. I often work in charcoal, pencil and limited palettes of acrylic paints,… and as with the best of pursuits there is always more for me to learn.”

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