Anna Ravliuc


I love horses. All of them. Thoroughbred ones and common ones. I know horses not by pictures, but by living next to them.  I know how to feed them, take care of them, ride them, train them. I have been riding horses for many years. I look at horses with fascination.  A beautiful, strong, gentle animal..

The Horse is the symbol of courage, virility, self-reliance and power, they can sweep away everything in their run, can get over any obstacle. They are untamed, uncontrollable and unrestrained. They are Free…

The Horse is one of the major themes in my art. When I first ‘mounted’ a saddled horse I was only one year old. It is the first and the most vivid recollection from my childhood. Along with image, I have preserved forever the ‘feeling of the horse’. 


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