Alison Stafford AGSA


Having grown up in rural Suffolk and being involved in village life from an early age, I witnessed many equestrian pastimes, including ploughing matches, trotting races, gymkhanas and the Newmarket race horse scene and I often loved to sketch what I had seen.Moving away in my late teens to study fashion at Manchester University took me along a different path and it wasn’t until my early 40’s that I reconnected with the equestrian world through my daughters love of ponies and horses, involvement in the Pony Club world and living on the doorstep of a major equestrian facility in Cheshire. Rediscovering my love of art through horses, has led to many commissioned works, and more experimental work through studies of the horse through colour and mark making to express the many different facets of the horse.I am passionate about equestrian art and am always happy to discuss commissions.

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