Education within the Society

The Society of Equestrian Artists aims to encourage its members at all levels to continue to develop their talent, by providing the opportunities for mutual support and criticism and access to expert tuition.

Leading painters and sculptors from the Society, and invited professionals, provide tuition at workshops dealing with different aspects of painting, sketching or sculpting from the live horse. For those that cannot attend workshops the Society’s bi-annual newsletter provides informative articles on aspects of the practice and theory of art. Both general art topics and more specific matters such as equine anatomy are covered.

Workshops not only provide a great opportunity to learn but also offer a sociable way to meet other like-minded artists and experience a variety of interesting venues. Sometimes privileged access to otherwise difficult to visit locations can be obtained.

Keep an eye on the website and your SEA emails. Details for the workshops will be available on the website. All enquiries to Debbie Dunbar the Administrator, 

SEA workshops provide valuable instruction and social benefits.