Cynthia Saenz Sancho

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When I see a horse, feelings of peace, pleasure, suspicion, mystery, crowded into my mind and body, what these animals has that dominate my senses? My skill is to reveal these sublime animals from my perspective. Being with them, work with them, enjoy with them, have inspired practically all my life, since childhood I had a fascination for them, the noble animal … which made ​​me to sharpen my senses beyond the physical; I feel your breath, look in your eyes, fear or suffering, are incredible beings, are a set of passions that beat in my heart.
I expose my world, the story of my life in small pieces of art that they recreate a legend that mark my life, my atmosphere and of course my creations, I do not expect people understand this fascination, just want to express my passion, waiting to leave shaped on senses and soul.

If  I can achieve the purpose with my work, I have achieved my ambition: to conceive and reflect my feelings more intense on a canvas, in a figure, on paper, in what the environment provided me to transmit that love, affection or madness; as you like to call this creature who is my inspiration: The Horse.

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