Preselection Results 2019

Thank you for submitting your work to the Horse in Art Annual Open Exhibition. This page will list ONLY those works that have passed preselection.

If any or all of of your work does not appear then unfortunately on this occasion the work has not been selected.
However, please remember that the preselection is currently intended as a guide only to the likelihood of your work being accepted at Handing in Day.

Though it is fairly reliable, please be aware that works that are preselected are not automatically accepted for the exhibition, but this process enables artists to initially submit works for consideration without transport and framing costs.

**It is still possible for work to be rejected at the final panel.**

Make sure you have booked your courier! – Unless bringing the work yourself.

Check the exhibition guidance notes and read the notes below to increase the chances of your work making it through the final selection.

Inadequately labelled/framed/fitted artwork will not be taken before the selection panel at Handing In.

Key dates…

  • 25th August – Handing in Day from 11.00am to 2.30pm
  • 15th September – the exhibition opens
  • 15th September – Private View and Awards from 2pm
  • 29th September  – Collection Day Sunday 11am – 2.30pm

Artists who are bringing/sending work to Horse in Art, Tuxford must ensure that:

  • Work is adequately and securely framed, clean and dry
  • Pictures are fitted with D rings and cord
  • No other fittings on the frame
  • Sculptures are supplied with a suitable display mechanism
  • Work is clearly tagged with TWO labels  1) label fixed to back of the frame stating: artist’s name, membership status, title of work, medium, selling price and artist’s address and telephone number. Please ensure that all the information on the label is exactly as supplied at entry 2) a second duplicate label (luggage tag) is fixed to the back of the picture with string long enough for it hang in front of the picture during hanging

REMEMBER: entries can only be accepted between 11.00am and on Sunday 25th August and please DON’T FORGET to bring your copy of the entry form.


Amitay Sygal Making Waves y Coloured Pencil
Bainbridge Peter Beachwork At Low Tide y
Bainbridge Peter Autumn Walk y
Bertram Caroline Study of a New Forest Foal y Graphite
Chernyshova Anna Ride-Off y Acrylics
Chernyshova Anna The Legend y Acrylics
Chernyshova Anna Race y Acrylics
Cossettini Janna The Racehorse y Pencil
Cox Doreen In the Australian Country y Oils
De Mendonça Rebecca Snow on Exmoor y Pastel
De Mendonça Rebecca Wild on Dartmoor y Pastel
De Mendonça Rebecca On Guard y Pastel
De Mendonça Rebecca Before the Last Race y Pastel
Furness Robin Evening Hunt – Barden Road y Oils
Gill Anne Hi! y Pastel
Hand Diana Newmarket Morning y
Hand Diana Newmarket String y
Hand Diana Newmarket Gallops y
Hand Diana The White Hack y
Hardman Jackie Racer y Oils
Hardman Jackie Minita y Oils
Hickmore Holly Sun Hit y Cold Cast Bronze
Higgins Austin Homestretch y Acrylic
Howard Wendy Horatio y Watercolour
Howard Wendy Morning Ride, Poltimore Watercolour
Hundslev Carolyn Blue Arab y Ols
Jackson Adele Donkey Study y Charcoal
Jackson Adele Shetland Study y Charcoal
Raske Crawford Helle Newborn y Bronze
Raske Crawford Helle The Itch y Bronze
Raviluc Anna Sunshine in Stables y Oils
Rossiter Norman Quiet Time y
Rossiter Norman Down The Lane y
Samuel Sonia Man and Horse y Watercolour
Samuel Sonia Blue Horses Drinking y Watercolour
Samuel Sonia Horse at Sunset y Watercolour
Samuel Sonia Matador Stallion y Watercolour
Scorgie Katie Monochrome (Polo) I y Oils
Scorgie Katie Monochrome (Polo) II y Oils
Scorgie Katie Monochrome (Gallops) XV y Oils
Squire Ann Power in Motion y Pastel
Stafford Alison Best Side y Oils
Thornton Annabel Old Friend y Acrylic
Thornton Annabel Morning Haze y Acrylic
Thornton Annabel Polo Players y Acrylic
Thornton Annabel Lone Mare y Acrylic
Thornton Annabel Dignified Duo y Acrylic
Vynne Rachel Poet y
Vynne Rachel A Winters Day y
Welch Georgie Valegro Maquette y Bronze
Williams Caroline Knock-In y Acrylic
Wilkinson Melanie Focus y Pencil
Wilkinson Melanie Spring y Pencil
Wilkinson Melanie Buddies y Pencil
Woodlock Kate Horse Head IIIV y Bronze Jesmonite
Woodlock Kate Horse Head IX y Bronze Jesmonite
Woodlock Kate Horse y Patinated Bronze Jesmonite