Getting your page on the SEA Site

All Friends, Associates and Full Members are invited to submit images and text for inclusion on the Artists’ Gallery pages.

Image allowance:
  • Friends – 3
  • Associates – 4
  • Full Members – 6
Image formats:
  • JPEGs, at least 500 pixels on their longest side at 72dpi, please note large images will be reduced as required for online use
  • Please only supply the number of images applicable
Artist statement
  • No more than about 200 words
  • Artists are responsible for proofreading submitted copy (pay attention to capitals, punctuation, spelling and grammar).
Sending by email
  • Attach the photos as separate images. Please do not embed them in the email or in a separate document, they will not be accepted
  • List the file name/description of each image with a caption e.g. file: surname-firstname_picture-title.jpg. Information: ‘Picture Title’, 50cm x 80cm, Oil on Canvas, painted as a commission, now hangs in the Smith Gallery in New York
  • Your 200 words of biography/statement is acceptable attached as a Word document or pasted directly in the body of the email
  • Submit to

If you wish to submit by post or have any enquiries please contact or call 0300 0110 185.