Jeannine Flower

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Jeannine Flower (Overseas Member – France)
Oil painter

Self-taught emerging artist … born in Philadelphia PA USA (1966), Jeannine met her British husband in Kuwait (1993) and today lives with her family and horses in Barbizon just south of Paris.

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Artistic expression is individual and unique: it comes from within. Jeannine works in oils. It is the subtleties of this medium, the finesse in use, and the ability to create deep lush colors and luminosity that give her the greatest satisfaction. Jeannine’s artistic style is founded on classical realism infused with light and impressionist color splash to evoke the soul of the painting and to achieve the final effect she wants. Details are added where necessary to underpin the subject but not to detract the eye from what is appealing. Each painting is an evolution in itself.

She enjoys painting landscapes and figurative portraits but it is her equine art paintings that impose her true signature”. (Le Mag, Art et Design,Review No. 25, Aug 2020, Paris).

Her passion for horses started from a young age with early drawings and learning to paint at 9-10 years old attending weekly workshops at Moore College of Art and Design of Philadelphia. Following 30-year global career in accounting/finance, from 2017 Jeannine focuses on her two passions, her art and her horses which she rides together with her teenage daughter in showjumping.

Jeannine has created a small art collection, completed various commissions, and has participated in art exhibitions in Paris-Barbizon-Fontainebleau region. Her work has been selected for the prestigious 231st and 230th Salon des Artistes Français as part of Art Capital, Grand Palais, Paris (Section: Painting, 2021 & 2020). Her painting technique received the Bronze Medal Jury Prize (equine art) and the overall show Silver Medal Public Prize at Art Show Paris VII (Sept 2020). She has also recently received awards as part of LIghtSpaceTime International Online Art Competitions (Cityscapes-Honorable Mention-Feb 2021; Nature-Special Merit & Special Recognition Awards-Dec 2020; and Landscape- Special Recognition-Nov 2020). Jeannine has also been featured in recent publications, Le Mag Art & Design Review (Sept 2020) and International Thoroughbred Magazine Equine Art & Creativity (June 2020, Special Edition).


Jeannine undertakes a few commissions each year. Original oil paintings and prints are available for purchase. Worldwide shipping.