Horse in Art – framing, conditions of entry

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Hanging: Although every effort will be made to hang work which has been selected for exhibition this may not always be possible, and acceptance implies no obligation to hang. In the event of work accepted but not hung, the artist will be informed on Hanging Day (22nd September). Arrangements for storage/collection will need to be made.

Labelling: ALL works must be clearly labelled with the Artist name, Category of membership (‘Non-Member’ ‘Friend’ etc), Title of Work, Medium used, Selling Price, Address and Telephone number.

  • For pictures: A duplicate label must be attached to the top of the picture and the string must be long enough to hang the label over the front. In addition, the same details must be written on the reverse of the painting on a second label in case the luggage label becomes detached.
  • ALL paintings must be completely dry, and will not be considered for acceptance at handing in if they are not.
  • For sculpture: please tie the duplicate label to the piece and put the artist’s name and title on an adhesive label fixed to the underside of the work.


  • Framing: All pictures must be properly framed. Clip frames will not be accepted. ALL PICTURES MUST BE READY TO HANG WITH D-RINGS and HANGING WIRE (NO SCREW EYES PLEASE).
  • Unframed work will not be accepted, with the exception of ‘Deep Canvases’ (the canvas must be a minimum of 30mm deep with no tacks or staples showing) and the painting must continue to the edge of the canvas (with no white edges showing).
  • Multi-image entries (e.g. triptychs): need to be within one frame or attached together as one picture.
  • Sculptures: must be supplied with a suitable display mechanism
  • Insurance: Each artist is responsible for their own insurance. Entrants are strongly advised to insure their work. The Society accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to uninsured work, and hereby expressly disclaims liability for any form of loss or damage to exhibited work, or for physical injury to an artist’s reputation or for any other cause. The Society for All Artists (SAA) provides exhibition insurance at various levels for its members, and artists who do not already have insurance may find this link useful –
  • Withdrawal of work: Work selected and handed in to the exhibition, cannot be withdrawn until its close on Sunday 8th October. This includes whilst in storage before the exhibition commences (the exception would be work Accepted Not Hung). Other work not sold at the exhibition may be collected between 11am – 3pm on Sunday 8th October. Any work which remains uncollected will be stored at the artist’s expense.
  • Commission: Commission of 40% of the catalogue price for members and 49% non-members (excluding the current rate of VAT if applicable and less casting costs for sculpture) will be deducted on all sales.
  • Discounting: All discounts are to be with the agreement of the Artist in question and that the discounted sale price would be that on which commission was taken.


The submitted work must be entirely the artist’s own work and must not breach any copyright laws. ANY PHOTOGRAPHS THAT YOU USE AS REFERENCE MUST BE YOUR OWN, OR YOU SHOULD SUBMIT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER WITH YOUR ENTRY.

ENQUIRIES: E: • T: 0300 0110 185