Glynis Mills – Cuneo Medal Winner 2013

Mills G Camo1

Glynis Mills HSEA was Promoted from Full to Honorary Full Member in recognition of the enormous support she has given the Society. She was honoured to win in 2013, explaining: “It was Terence Cuneo who wrote to me, accepting me as an Associate when I applied to join the SEA in its first year. Last year I worked very hard producing many prints so that I could pick the six best – it paid off.”

She also regularly attends SEA workshops and draws in her sketchbook daily: “To me sketchbooks are better than a photograph. looking through them inspires new pieces of work. The majority of them are drawn from life and just a few from photographs – I can easily see which is which – life drawing has more spontaneity.

“My own ponies and cats are used to posing, but to have a horse held, as we do at a workshop, allows you to ‘crack on’ with onepainting, rather than continuously having to start several at a time or move. Through the SEA workshops I have made some really good friends as well as improving my skills as an artist.