Zoë Carmichael


For me, working with clay was love at first touch. I felt a profound sense of peace at Studio Galleria Romanelli, Florence as I trained in the shadow of Italian renaissance icons like Botticelli and Michelangelo. 

My inspiration grows each day, and most particularly after a day among horses in the British countryside, learning more from the old Masters both in painting and sculpture (Rubens and Michelangelo in particular), or having met one of the many dynamic masters of contemporary British sculpture. To bring the beauty of the horse into life through bronze is a thrilling process, and I love every moment. 

It is an honour to cast important  horses and figures for clients seeking a timeless commemoration, and to contribute to our collective public memory. I feel unbelievably lucky to have found this passion for sculpture in 2022, which I can pair with my love of horses, and hopefully give joy to many people. 

Instagram @zoe_carmichael_designs

Website www.zoecarmichael.art

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