Donna Bernstein

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Born in a small town in New York, Donna Bernstein’s natural inclination for horses appeared at a young age. She studied their form and anatomy. With focused memory and imagination, she re-creates this equine vision, mixing mediums and materials in unique and uncommon ways.

Spontaneously blending acrylics, inks or pigments onto the canvas, her passion for capturing the horse in shape and movement shines through.

“These paintings are my story. Large-scale, lyrical,
passionate; classic equines, in modern terms of power and
pleasure. There is more to a horse than just a “picture” of
him; there is a mythology, a symbolism, an ancient connection we can trace, which ex
Horses are Big energy, and that is what I paint.”
“I believe that no matter how our culture moves beyond the speed of the horse, the true horsepower lies in its ability to inspire. The equine traditionally evokes elements of honor, warmth and quality.”
Donna’s Equine Modern works break new ground in fresh treatments, conveying intense energy and emotion, always in keeping with the client’s aesthetic, at home in both formal collections as well as the large-scale spaces of modern design.
Sophisticated, elegant, expansive, her paintings articulate the simplicity of what is beautiful in the horse.
Both public statement and personal passion, her art speaks to a new generation of collectors, who resonate with the innate eloquence of the timeless horse.

It is not horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel. In truth, I realize I am painting the horses I never had.”