Kristine Nason SEA

Kristine Nason SEA

Kristine grew up in rural England where horses were a constant feature of her childhood. With an inherited artistic talent she spent endless hours studying horses, drawing them, absorbed in the fascination of capturing a specific line or gesture to more eloquently describe their grace and beauty. By the time she was fourteen Kristine was selling paintings in local galleries, and accepting commissions for equestrian studies.

A training in business management and graphic design taught disciplines and techniques that served her well through a career in commercial art, where she was involved both in managing companies and producing artwork. Starting off in advertising, Kristine moved into fine-art publishing and management, before setting up a design business in west London. Her artwork has been published in a variety of forms – from biscuit wrappers, to book illustrations, to limited-edition fine-art prints.

In the early 90s a decision to put the needs of a growing family first, meant a down-shifting of lifestyle. This brought with it the opportunity to explore new creative avenues and it wasn’t long before her youthful preoccupation with horses re-surfaced. Kristine is now a full-time professional artist specialising in equestrian art together with human and animal portraiture, and much of her work is privately commissioned.

Well-honed drawing skills underpin Kristine’s style, and anatomical accuracy and attention to detail characterise her artistic output. She always strives to distil the spirit, the essence, of a being into two-dimensional artworks, and most often uses watercolour or pencil as her tools of translation. She teaches these skills to adults through workshops, demonstrations and private tuition.

Kristine Nason is a Full Member of both the Society of Equestrian Artists, and the Society of Women Artists. She has work in collections worldwide. If you would like to discuss an artwork commission – big or small – please email her at the below address.