Elizabeth Kitson SEA

Elizabeth Kitson OBE SEA

Elizabeth Kitson OBE (nee Spencer) is a well-known international rider – she has been involved in showing, point-to-point, hunting and show jumping, and has instructed in both Britain and Canada.

She is an artist who concentrates on oils and pastels, painting people, animals and landscapes. She seeks always to get a good likeness, sense of movement, and light.

She trained under Peter Oliver, and restarted the army Arts and Crafts Society. She exhibits in both London and the Provinces, and has paintings hanging in many countries. She now works largely on a commission basis.

Visit http://www.elizabethkitson.co.uk/

Elizabeth has written and illustrated a book that tells a beautiful story of LEGEND, her childhood Horse Of the Year Show-winning pony, published by Forelock Books.