Tristram Lewis

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”Tristram Lewis has painted throughout his life as a pastime, however after many years in business including owning and running a tuna fishing and trading company, he has now turned to writing, lecturing, painting and sculpting full time.

Wildlife and portraiture have always been subjects of interest, however horses have been an ever present passion with historical or military themes and hunting and racing providing an abiding source of material. Tristram has hunted for thirty years, the horses at home usefully doubling as models. A recent commission to make a 1/3rd model of a war horse called ‘Sikh’, which was attached to the Gloucester Regiment and survived an extraordinary series of marches from India and China to Western and Central Europe during the First World War, will entail the recruitment of one of the family horses as a model complete with borrowed military harness and saddle!

In parallel to Tristram’s artistic work, he is presently writing the first fully illustrated biography of ‘Sir Alfred Munnings’ which is the culmination of thirty years of research and will be produced in collaboration with a leading London gallery. Further information on this book will be made available closer to the date of publication.

Tristram lives in North Wiltshire and is married to Fiona and they have three children Scarlett, Wilfred and Gabriel”.

Tristram Lewis
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