Gayle Dieudonne

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Gayle is a self taught artist but has enjoyed and studied traditional painting since her school days. And to this day continues to find inspiration and instruction within the romance of classical art

As a teenager she finally embraced oil painting, and soon found a medium in which to capture the beauty and richness of the world, and especially that of horses. Apart from winning art competitions throughout her school days she has had work displayed in a Museum and more recently held successful solo exhibitions

One of her true loves is horseracing which encompasses much of her studio work, although she is commissioned in many genres, from portraiture to landscape views and historical pieces

Gayle’s work is almost predominately in oil, a medium that she finds allows her to express and develop her ideas. And one which she hopes can help her to fill the eye as much as the heart

And she continues to experiment with her work in her push to expand her repertoire, discovering and enjoying the challenge of life-sized painting among other things. Gayle’s work is often offered for sale and commissions are regularly taken. Please visit her website for more details