Emma J Cooper

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Emma has always been passionate about horses and has drawn, owned and ridden them since childhood. Her interest stems from a desire to capture and recreate their beauty, strength and grace. The bonds that can be forged between human and horse have been depicted in art throughout history. Emma wishes to explore these bonds and the empathy we share with the horse. Emma adopts an expressional technique to her painting, incorporating bold brush strokes and a vivid colour palette. Emma is also adept at equine portraiture and produces commissioned work in a more traditional style.

Emma’s natural talent for art became apparent from a young age and her love of drawing combined with her love of horses. She began experimenting with equine portraiture in her teenage years and went on to produce pet portraits for friends and family until starting a career at the Land Registry. Her artistic abilities were utilized during her work career where she was employed in the production of illustrative plans.

After 25 years as Civil Servant Emma decided to complete her artistic education and obtained a BA (Honours) Fine Art Degree at Bucks New University. She is now a practising full time Artist specialising in private commissions, Equine and Wildlife Art and exhibits regularly in the Greater London Area.