Lesley Humphrey ASEA

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About Lesley: Lesley was born (horse mad) in Wigan, Lancashire. When she wasn’t dropping off trees onto the farmer’s horses, she was galloping ponies over the hills and fields of the pennines, competing in gymkhana and pony club events. As an adult, Lesley has owned several horses and ponies and competed in dressage, 3-day eventing, occasionally fox hunting, whilst barely surviving her Lusitano. She now lives primarily in Texas and spends the summers in England

About Lesley’s Art: Lesley Humphrey’s passion for life and adventure ripple through her contemporary, expressive equine images. In 2011, Lesley was commissioned by Churchill Downs, Inc., and became the official artist of the 137th Kentucky Derby. Also in 2011, Lesley’s equestrian paintings were exhibited in a one-man show at the Marilyn P. Morgan Gallery, Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Texas. Her work forms part of private equestrian art collections both in the U.K. and the U.S.A. In addition, her paintings have featured in several museum exhibitions over the years including The International Museum of the Horse, Lexington, Kentucky; The Aamon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; The Marrietta Cobb Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, to name a few. Lesley has exhibited since 2000 with the S.E.A. at Mall Galleries, Christie’s, and Palace House. She was presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in 2005

About Free Lessons With Lesley: Lesley is devoted to volunteering and teaching and was awarded an Honorary PhD for developing a parent-taught program, and her contributions to elementary education. She has created/written online lessons completely free of charge to everyone who is interested

Artist’s Statement: “It is my belief that we can all learn to paint, but it is in the silent, beautiful, unexplored recesses of our heart and soul where the true masterpiece is born. Exploring the images of that place, and bringing them into the world for you to experience, is my goal. Showing you how to find art within yourself, is my vocation.”


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