Janette Lockett A.S.E.A

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Janette Lockett was born in Yorkshire, England in 1963. Her passion for horses developed as a young child. Janette moved to Spain in 1986 where she found the perfect setting for her creative talent. She began her career as a self-taught artist using a technique which is uniquely her own and held her first exhibition in Fuengirola in 1989, followed by an extremely successful exhibition in Switzerland. Janette has also exhibited her work at various galleries along the Coast and in England. She has had “one-man” exhibitions at the Salon del Caballo in Sevilla, the Escuela de Arte Ecuestre Costa del Sol, the Hipódromo, Mijas and most recently at the Kempinski Resort Hotel, Estepona.

Extract from “The Dream of Freedom” by Branka Berberijan (Art Critic and Journalist) – “For Janette Lockett this beautiful animal represents utopia – the idyllic dream of freedom, unobtainable in the real world, yet which is expressed by the artist through her unique method of painting. The author captures with great ease the agility and elegance of her subject matter in movement, whether it be a horse rearing or a herd galloping, always with their manes and tails flying freely through the air, giving the paintings a dynamic vitality which brings the horses to life. However, the greatest artistic care may be seen in the depth and beauty of the animal’s eyes: it seems as if, when you look at them closely, there is a search for that enigmatic point around which radiates the essence of the horse’s beauty. Janette Lockett’s art, which originates from her intuition and follows a path leading to enviable intellectual levels, is a marvellous expression of her inner world of fantasy and dreams, and yet, filled with artistic strength, which gives shape to her ideas and thoughts. At the same time, her unique artistic expression is a formidable contribution to the place of privilege which the horse holds in the history of art.”


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