Christina Boetzel

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“…without the existence of horses I may never have begun to paint…”

We live on a farm in the countryside of Wetter not far from Cologne. Here is where I was born and raised. Along with my Husband and our three children, three horses, our dog and of course Gina the cat

In my childhood there was no sheet of paper safe from me. I had to draw a horse on it. On the street I painted horses with a stone

In the restaurant of my parents on the beer-coasters and bill sheets with a ball pen. If there was a room to fresh up I drew horses as big as possible on the old wallpapers

If there where water vapour on the window, I painted a horse on it. If you asks me when I started to paint horses I think it was to that time when I be able to hold a pen in my hand

After school I was learning the job of a window dresser, doing lifesize skulptures and wall paintings, creating eyecatchers for window decorations

“Can you paint my Bayka?” asks a friend of mine, back in 1994. So the first official horse portrait was born

Bayka’s portrait get the ball rolling quickly for me. Some more friends and people began asking for a portrait. So it became that the portrait painting became an important part of my artwork, and helped me to finance my studies of Graphic Design at University

After studies I work as an full-time Artist specialized in Equine Theme but even other animals. I do Illustrations for books and merchandising Designs with horses and dogs for several companies and many products. Prints and cards are availably nearly of all of my artwork

I exhibit in Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italian, USA, Tschecheslowakei. Some paintings was chosen for juried exhibitions in France and the UK. In the USA I get the first prize by the Horses in Art Award and some honorable Mentors

For enquiries please contact me at Christina Boetzel Limbecker Weg 17 58300 Wetter Germany, phone: 0049 / (0)2335 73670 , or via my home-page or email




























The Old Stallion

The Old Stallion



Blue Fire Lady

Blue Fire Lady