Associate Members

Associate Members

Promotion to Associate and then Full Member is based on artistic merit.

Promotion requires a period of acceptance of works for the Annual Exhibition and a review by a panel of Full Members. To view each Artist’s page please click on the image.

Margaret Abraham ASEA

Joanna Armstrong BA(Hons) ASEA

Paul Bedingfield ASEA

Susan T (Sue) Bird ASEA

Christina Boetzel ASEA

Anne Bowen ASEA

Caroline Bromley-Gardner ASEA

Pippa Chapman ASEA

Sarah Clegg ASEA

Sue Cotton ASEA

Chris Dennis ASEA

Wendy Galvin ASEA

Amy Goodman BA(Hons) ASEA

Robert Harcus ASEA

Gina Hawkshaw ASEA

Collette Hoefkens ASEA

Lesley Humphrey ASEA

Elizabeth Jane Lazenby A.S.E.A QTFE(2) BA(Hons)

Camilla Le May ASEA

Janette Lockett ASEA

Paul Lucas ASEA

Victoria Manser ASEA

Louise Mizen ASEA

Sue Navin ASEA

Colin Richens ASEA RMS

Katie Scorgie BA(Hons) ASEA

Margery Shotton ASEA

Tania Smith ASEA

Ken Stewart ASEA

Ann Squire ASEA

Frances Sullivan ASEA

Claire Verity ASEA

Georgie Welch ASEA

Annie Whiteley ASEA

Jennifer Wright ASEA