Aletia Thomas

Aletia Thomas

Earliest memories for Aletia centre around her greatest inspiration for all… animals, but more specifically horses. Growing up with her family pets in Worcestershire, she sought to surround herself with other animals that captured her imagination, which were then expressed through her most naturally innate means, art.

That same strong and elegant equine form continues to inspire just as much today, as Aletia is enraptured by their curves and contours. Her painting technique describes not only her subject but the emotions they evoke from her, from an art practice that has been developed for over a decade as she has developed a profound artistic education, including a BA first class degree in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University, that has influenced her classical painterly, expressionist and abstract style with a contemporary twist.

Though her strongest inspiration will always be the original horse form, classical artists like the infamous Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock afford her curiosity and intrigue.

Aletia currently lives in Great Malvern a landscape that boasts outstanding natural beauty, where she continues her art practice through frequent commissions alongside her self-led exploration using a variety of tools and techniques.